Services and Support

Childbirth Education Classes

The Empowered Births and Beginnings Childbirth Education Classes are designed to give pregnant women and their birth partners the resources and inner confidence they need to meet the unpredictable emotional and physical challenges of labor. These are classes that both educate and empower. 

A unique blend of research-based information, gentle exercises, conscious breathing, and #reallife conversations, these are classes for everyone, honoring all birth preferences and facilities.

Birth is unpredictable, however most women and their partners who have positive birth experiences will tell you that it wasn’t because it went exactly as they planned, it was because they had the information they needed to feel empowered in their choices and experience.

Click below to find out more about where the classes are offered and how to get registered. 

Birth Doula Services

A birth doula provides emotional, physical, educational and empowering support for Mom and her partner leading up to and during labor. I love to encourage and inspire my clients to know their strengths and to use their intuition during their pregnancy and labor. To witness a new mother being born at the very same time as her baby is born, is nothing short of a miracle. 

New Mama Support (Postpartum Doula)

My New Mama Support includes supporting Mamas and their new families with nurturing non-biased emotional support, guidance and practical assistance to you and your family during the postpartum period.

This is a very memorable time in your lives, and it's my intention to help you navigate it with compassion, confidence and trust in yourselves in 

order to start your sweet family out as powerfully as possible. 

The Evolution of My Approach

As you can probably tell by now, I am fiercely committed to bringing non-biased, compassionate and evidence-based support to my students and clients. This was born from my own difficulties during my postpartum experience and being so overwhelmed by everyone's opinions, perspectives, and bias - it's EVERYWHERE when it comes to pregnancy and being a parent. 

And - here's where I get SUPER REAL on you - Before I became a childbirth educator, I used to think that everyone SHOULD have a natural childbirth. Yep. I said it. #TRUTHBOMB 

And then enter #RealLife and all the ways that life hands you a different path, option, road or whatever you want to call it in order to challenge your expectations, shoulds, etc. and after having been SHOULDED on by myself, well-meaning family, friends, colleagues, etc - I got SUPER clear that you know what? We all do what works best for us and our families - and how about instead of "SHOULDING" we support and lift each other up as we navigate this wild ride called life and Momming. 

So - My Approach - whatever your birth plan (or intentions as I like to say) includes - I'm just committed that you have as much information as possible and are as empowered as possible to make informed choices to rock on with your bad self - because at the end of the day, we can't control how our pregnancy or labor goes - but we sure can control how we prepare for it, and give ourselves permission to rock it as best we can, no matter what happens. 


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