The Empowered Birth Series: Childbirth Education Classes that Educate 

and Empower

The Empowered Birth Series Childbirth Education Classes are a unique blend of research-based information, gentle exercises, conscious breathing, and #reallife conversations. These are classes for everyone, honoring all birth preferences and facilities, and in support of those still in an inquiry about the type of birth they desire. 


Birth is unpredictable, however most women and their partners who have positive birth experiences will tell you that it wasn’t because it went exactly as they planned; it was because they had the information they needed to feel empowered in their choices and experience.

Here is an overview of what you can expect from this series:

Breath, Movement and Mindfulness: 3 Keys to an Empowered Birth 

Understand how important breath, movement and mindfulness are during labor both physiologically and mentally. Moms and labor partners will learn practical techniques to foster awareness and presence in the body, to be used both during labor and those final weeks of pregnancy. We’ll also discuss easy to remember and helpful tips around nutrition, ensuring Mom and baby get what they need during pregnancy.

The Letting Go of Labor: Stages and Phases and Labor Support Techniques

Learn what’s happening during Stage 1 labor and the early, active and transition phases. Though there are no guarantees in labor, having a general sense for what’s going on can take some of the “mystery” out of it, and allow you to settle in and surrender to what’s happening.


Moms will practice more movement to build confidence and awareness to what you and your baby will need during labor. Labor partners, as you also learn what’s happening in her body, you’ll learn techniques to support Mom during Stage 1 labor, empowering you to take as active a role as you both feel comfortable with.

Practice for Labor: Labor Positions and a Labor Rehearsal

Get ready to practice! You and your partner will learn about comfort measures, tools for labor, and multiple positions to help bring your baby into the world. You and your partner will have “rehearsed” a labor experience, giving you both confidence in your abilities and memories and tools to draw upon for when you go into labor.

Pushing, Placentas and Making Informed Choices

One of the most impactful conversations we'll have in this series, we will cover what you need to know about natural, non-medical ways to encourage labor to begin (or progress) and a review of common medical interventions. We will cover what your options are and what questions to ask your care provider in order to help you make informed and empowered choices.


We’ll also focus on the Stage 2 Labor: Pushing, and how to work with different techniques, tools, breath and movement during this powerful stage of labor. 

Preparing for Baby: The First Hour, The First Few Weeks

Moms and Dads will learn what to expect in the first hour of your baby arriving earthside, including what are common procedures in various birth settings, and what you need to know to ensure those first few moments are within your expectations and as sacred as possible.  


Be prepared for the first few weeks by learning the basics of baby care and an intro to breastfeeding. We'll also discuss things you can do now to create a powerful beginning to your "4th Trimester" that is as soothing as possible for you and your baby.

There are several ways you can take the Empowered Birth Series Classes.

Get Started on Your Way to an Empowered Birth and Beginning! 

5 Class Series at Thank You Mama in St. Pete

This 5-class series occurs over 10 weeks (every other Thursday) and can be taken individually, or as a series, depending on your needs. The series runs consecutively in order to be able to do all 5 classes at any time. Click below to see a schedule of classes and to register. 

5 Class Series at Yoga Harbor in Largo (Bellaire Heights) 

This 5-class series occurs over 10 weeks (every other Wednesday) and classes can be taken individually, or as a series, depending on your needs. The series runs consecutively in order to be able to do all 5 classes at any time. Click below to see a schedule of classes and to register. 

Birth Basics - Private Session in Your Home

If a group class doesn't fit your needs or your schedule, set up a private in-home session for a more personalized approach to meet your needs. 

The Birth Basics course is 4 hours and includes:

  • The emotional and physical signs of first stage labor 

  • How partner can support in labor

  • At least five positions for labor

  • At least six natural comfort measures

  • How to use the breath to stay present and calm

  • The facts about epidurals and inducing labor

  • How to induce/speed up labor with or without drugs

  • Best ways to push baby out

  • When the placenta is expelled and the cord is cut

Offered in-home & subject to availability.


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